Zombi 3 - Complete Score - Red Vinyl - Limited 300 Copies - Stefano Mainetti (OUT OF PRINT)


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Format: Red is dead vinyl 12“, housed in heavy cardboard old Stoughton tip-on jacket & VHS Obi.
File under: Soundtrack, Haunting Synth, Decadent FM Rock & Erotic Funk.
Limited Edition: 300
WRWTFWW Records is delighted to unleash the complete uncut soundtrack for Lucio Fulci & Bruno Mattei’s cult zombie-ploitation gem Zombi 3 (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 aka Sanguelia 2, 1988) available on collector’s edition vinyl for the first time ever!
The Classic Edition comes in red is dead colored vinyl and is housed in heavy old style Stoughton casebound tip-on
Track Listing
Side A
1 Seq 1
2 Seq 2
3 Seq 3
4 Seq 4
5 Seq 5
6 Seq 6
7 Seq 7
8 Seq 8
Side B
9 Nature
10 Tumble Downs
11 The Sound of Fear
12 Slow Think
13 Tumble Down (Instrumental)
14 The Sound of Fear (Instrumental)
15 Slow Think (Instrumental)

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