Zombi 2 / The Beyond- Coloured EP Vinyl – Limited Edition – Fabio Frizzi (OUT OF PRINT)


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Lucio Fulci’s seminal films including Zombie (Zombi 2), City of the Living Dead and The Beyond are heralded as classics by horror fans and critics alike; they inhabit an unsettling, fever dream realm located somewhere between our world and – well – The Beyond. Fulci was able to successfully convey his vision in no small part with the help of composer Fabio Frizzi, with whom he collaborated on over half a dozen projects from the mid-Seventies up to Fulci’s passing in the mid-Nineties. Frizzi’s haunting scores employ an array of ominous sounds, fusing synthesizers with orchestral arrangements and a Latin choir.
Tarantino’s inclusion of Frizzi’s theme from Seven Notes in Black in Kill Bill, Vol 1 and the emergence of bands like Zombi, has brought renewed attention to Frizzi’s music and the maestro has been invited to perform his iconic themes all over the world. With Zombi 2 Beyond Ship To Shore PhonoCo. offers fans a sampling of Frizzi’s standout cuts from Lucio Fulci’s most renowned films, Zombie (Zombi 2) and The Beyond. This 7” 45 comes replete with a picture sleeve and is available “Morgue Acid Bath” or “Zombie VS Shark” colored vinyl!
Side A
Zombi 2 Theme (Sequence 8)
Side B
The Beyond Finale (Voci Dal Nulla)

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