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X-Ray/Schizoid - 2 Disc Blu Ray - Special Edition - Boaz Davidson

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This movie will scare the life out of you! Susan Jeremy (Barbi Benton, Deathstalker) goes to a local hospital for a Õroutine examination. Õ Once inside, she discovers that someone doesnÕt want her to check out...unless itÕs in a body bag. Cause she would be dead. A psychotic killer keeps her trapped inside the hospital, having fixed her x-rays to make it look like she has a terminal illness. Meanwhile, he brutally murders everyone she comes in contact with!

In this lurid shocker (Leonard Maltin), a newspaper advice columnist (Marianna Hill, Blood Beach) starts receiving threats from a mysterious person. At the same time, the female members of her psychiatrist√ïs (Klaus Kinski, Crawlspace) therapy group are being murdered one by a maniac wielding a large pair of scissors. Oh my! Could these incidents be linked? Probably! Donna Wilkes (Angel, Jaws 2), Craig Wasson (Body Double), Flo Gerrish (Don√ït Answer The Phone) and Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) also star. 
Bonus Features
Interview with director Boaz Davidson
Interview with actress Donna Wilkes
Theatrical Trailer
Region A