Wolfen - Complete Score - James Horner

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Wow! Early James Horner soundtrack for sensational Michael Wadleigh horror thriller finally gets released! Riveting tale stars Albert Finney as detective on trail of serial killer which turns out to be not human! James Horner creates intense, exciting score, introduces numerous musical devices that become trademarks, including magnificent fortissimo punching motif played by low trombones, tuba in octaves. Every note of score recorded by Horner is included, mixed and mastered from mint-condition complete 1/2" three-track stereo session masters courtesy Warner Bros. Incredibly crisp audio details unusually complex string passages, ferocious brass performances. In balance are several delicate passages featuring piano. Actual film seamlessly tracks music from (slightly) earlier Horner picture THE HAND due to additional scoring needs. Though that music was not available for this release, entire score Horner did compose for WOLFEN is here, including pair of alternates not used in finished film. Entire production was supervised by the composer. James Horner conducts
Track Listing
01. Main Title 2:25
02. Van Der Veer's Demise 7:13
03. In The Church 3:15
04. Wolfen Run To Church 1:15
05. Whittington's Death 1:47
06. Shape Shifting 2:13
07. Rebecca's Apartment 1:24
08. Indian Bar 6:54
  09. Wall Street And The Wolves 2:58
10. The Final Confrontation 3:33
11. Epilogue And End Credits 5:41

The Extras
12. Rebecca's Apartment [Original W/Trumpet] 1:24
13. Epilogue And End Credits [Original Version] 5:51