Wild Rovers - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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One of Goldsmith's finest in the Americana idiom. The cues range from authentically "folksy" to fully symphonic and "Coplandesque"; like Patton, the score is brief and focused on its almost monothematic personality, but not without modernistic action cuesÑsuch as "Cattle vs. Sheep," for the death of Karl Malden's rancher.
Previous LP and CD releases of Wild Rovers have been a London re-recording, with two songs performed by Ellen Smith (actually Ellen Goldsmith, the composer's daughter). This definitive CD features the the complete, Los Angeles-recorded underscore (never before released), including the unused title song performed by Sheb Wooley; followed by the complete London album recording (including the "Friendly Advice" track from the 1986 MCA LP, resequenced as Goldsmith intended); and then two bonus tracks of source music vocals from the filmÑall in stereo.
Track Listing
Main Title 4:53
Friendly Advice 2:01
A Sleepless Night/Checking Up 3:19
Snow Country 1:14
Wild Horses 3:30
Bronco Bustin'(revision) 1:57 
Bronco Bustin' (original version) 1:59
Cattle vs. Sheep 1:10
Quiet Thoughts 2:35
The Cemetery/Red Snow 1:58
The Knife 3:19
Old Times 3:40
Final Destination 2:14
End Title 1:54
Main Title (Sung by Sheb Wooley) 3:31
Total Time: 39:46
Album Recording
a) Early Morning b) The Wild Rover (Sung by Ellen Smith, Lyric by Ernie Sheldon) 4:26 
Friendly Advice 1:57
Wild Horses 3:47
Snow Country 2:04
Old Times 4:00
The Knife 3:38
Bronco Bustin' 2:03
Sleepless Night 2:58
Saturday Night 2:26
a) Final Destination b) Texas Rangers (Sung by Ellen Smith, Traditional Arranged by Jerry Goldsmith) 6:03
End Title: Wild Rovers 2:00
Total Time: 35:59
Bonus Tracks
Little Purple Poppy (Sung by Betty Wand) 1:35
Ballad of the Wild Rovers (Sung by William Holden) 1:50
Total Time: 3:28
Total Disc Time: 79:13