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Where The River Runs Black - Original Score - Limited 2000 Copies - James Horner

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James Horner's early, mystical and exotic score for director Christopher Cain's Where The River Runs Black caught many an ear when it was released. Horner had scored CainÕs earlier film The Stone Boy in 1984 and returned with an exceptionally sophisticated, largely electronic score for this story of an orphaned boy who was raised in the Amazon jungle. The boy is brought back to civilization by a priest who knew his father.
The score has been out of print for nearly 30 years. Sadly, its newly remastered return in our Encore series comes just a few short months following James HornerÕs sudden and tragic passing. The film music world remains in shock over this. JamesÕ music, however, will always be with us and this album is such a great reminder. For a generation that may be completely unfamiliar with this score, we are happy to re-introduce this truly beautiful, and very obscure Horner gem.

Track Listing

1. Where The River Runs Black (4:41)
2. Underwater Ballet (3:09)
3. Serra Pelada (2:48)
4. Alone (3:43)
5. The Orphanage (3:22)
6. The Dolphins (2:27)
7. Baptism (4:34)
8. Down River (5:54)
9. Magic Kitchen (2:01)
10. Discovered At The Mine (3:53)
11. The City (1:13)
12. The Assassin (1:52)
13. End Title (5:32)