Warning Sign - 2LP Complete Score - (Red/White Vinyl) - Limited 1000 Copies - Craig Safan

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Invada Records Proudly presents the release of a Synth-Heavy Score from one of the Industry's most Creative Composers; Craig Safan's music to the 1985 "20th Century Fox" Science Fiction Thriller. The score comprises of 14 songs used on the film itself, plus a further 15 bonus unreleased cues and tracks (29 tracks in total).
Famous for his score to the timeless classic The Last Star Fighter, as well as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Part IV and (amazingly) the hit series Cheers, Safan's film music is notable for its clever use of electronics, and Warning Sign is no different. Recorded using a Synclavier Synthesizer - an incredibly expensive piece of kit at the time - the score is fully electronic but no less effective than his orchestral work, and provides an entertaining and futuristic soundscape for the story of a man-made virus that is accidentally released into its laboratory, turning its workers into zombies. 
Track Listing
LP 1 - Main Album
Warning Sign Main Title
The Army Arrives
Joanie Electrocuted
Joanie Thoughts
First Massacre
Joanie Fights For Schmidt
Entering Biotek
Joanie & The Zombies
Run, Joanie, Run
Blood Serum
Joanie Is Pregnant
The Final Battle
All Is Well
Warning Sign End Title
LP 2 - Bonus tracks/ cues
Bug Accident
Full Alert
This Is Not A Drill
The Video Dead
The Sheriff Drives
Fairchild Comes
Bob Moves Into Action
Bob Revives, Fights Joanie
The Sickies
Sneak Through The Fence
Quiet Escape
Making The Antidote
You're Turning Into One
The Serum Gun