Von Ryans Express/The Detective - Complete Scores - Jerry Goldsmith

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Delight for Jerry Goldsmith fans! World premiere release of complete soundtrack to riveting Mark Robson WWII action pic starring Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard. POW escape aboard speeding train plot inspires Goldsmith to score propulsive score for low strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, piano, electric keyboards. Cool architecture of score has primary theme appearing throughout, but in complete form without embellishment only during "End Titles", and here only as quiet understatement for woodwinds, percussion. In elaborated form, theme plays in overt manner with humorous slant during clothes-burning sequence ("Fire Sale"), elsewhere as brief melodic fragment. While score has numerous highlights, getting spotlight are rousing rhythmic action ideas when story moves from Italy POW camp to German sequences. Here, Goldsmith hits hard with incredible display of snare drum, punctuated by aggressive trombone figures. Dynamic in stereo! Also on CD is cool, vivid jazz-infused score for lurid Gordon Douglas cop thriller THE DETECTIVE with Frank Sinatra, Lee Remick, Robert Duvall. Goldsmith anchors with trumpet line for "Main Title" but gives considerable attention to warm treatments, other variants. Both scores appear in stereo from recently remixed, remastered elements courtesy 20th Century Fox, with VON RYAN'S EXPRESS offering generous amount of never-before-released music. Flipper cover, designed by Joe Sikoryak, allows listener to feature either soundtrack on front. Full cue assembly, musician's list inside booklet, informative notes by Julie Kirgo accompany as well. Douglass Fake, Nick Redman produce while Mike Matessino assembles. Listeners benefit! Jerry Goldsmith conducts.
Track Listing
The Detective Album
01. The Detective Main Title 1:37
02. Joe 1:46
03. The School Dance 0:44
04. A New Love 1:07
05. A Family Affair 1:57
06. Beach Scene 0:53
07. The Ball Game 0:33
08. Karen's Story 1:11
09. Night Talk 2:01
10. The Safe Cracker 1:59
11. McIver's Story 2:16
12. Joe's Decision 2:20
Von Ryan's Express Album
13. Meet Von Ryan 0:29
14. Entrance To Compound 2:32
15. Ryan Walks Forward 0:45
16. Fire Sale 3:50
17. The Trek Begins 0:54
18. Hiding 1:23
19. Ambushed 1:23
20. Boxcar 0:52
21. Welcome To Rome 1:47
22. Farewell To Rome 0:47
23. A New Crew 0:44
24. The Love Birds 0:53
25. Mission Accomplished 0:31
26. The Clock Watcher 2:40
27. Dead End Part 1 1:38
28. Dead End Part 2 0:51
29. German Control Center 1:56
30. End Titles 0:48

The Extras
31. Welcome To Rome (Mono Version) 1:51
32. Funeral Sequence 1:48
33. Fire Sale (Alternate Take) 4:14