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US Marshalls - Original Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Jerry Goldsmith's sequel to the hit movie The Fugitive, US Marshalls. This time Goldsmith creates a backdrop of action and drama in his typical style, full orchestra and high percussion are the order of the day. This 1998 score was a classic example of how the legend was so capable of turning a mediocre movie into something more interesting. This long out of print soundtrack is becoming rare and very collectable.
Track Listing
1. Nuggets & Bullets (1:49)
2. Sinking Plane (4:20)
3. Heading For The Swamp (2:26)
4. Swamp Search (6:01)
5. Eyes on the City (2:17)
6. Airport Locker (1:54)
7. Following Chen (5:55)
8. The Front Gate (2:25)
9. Free To Go (2:37)
Total duration: 29 minutes