Unidentified Flying Oddball - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Ron Goodwin

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Chaos in the cosmos! Premiere release of exciting Ron Goodwin score for Walt Disney Production time travel space comedy, loosely based on Mark Twain novel A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court, directed by Russ Mayberry, starring Dennis Dugan, Jim Dale, Ron Moody, Kenneth More (as King Arthur). Energetic tale finds NASA scientist inadvertently launched into space, passing through time warp, landing in England's Camelot during the year 508. Romance with maid Alisande, tangles with Mordred, antics with Merlin, heroics with King Arthur lead to battles and intrigue galore! Ron Goodwin scores largely to period adventure, rousing action of story. Lengthy, climactic battle music highlights with abundance of dazzling brass, rhythmic percussion. Fun to know that Goodwin not only visited legendary Camelot characters here but also in Sword Of Lancelot (aka Lancelot And Guinevere) and Sir Gawain And The Green Knight. Courtesy our friends at Disney, entire CD presented in stereo from 1/4" two-track session mixes engineered by Eric Tomlinson at Anvil Studios in March 1979. Film was originally released in UK as The Spaceman And King Arthur. Colorful packaging designed by Joe Sikoryak, informative liner notes by John Takis. Ron Goodwin conducts. 

Track Listing
01. Space Conference (0:56)
02. Main Title (2:37)
03. Take-Off Is Delayed** (0:40)
04. Journey Into Space (3:58)
05. The Spaceman Meets Alisande (1:18)
06. Tom Captured By Sir Mordred (4:00)
07. Consternation At Camelot* (1:07)
08. Tom Protests* (1:04)
09. The Burning (2:54)
10. Tom Finds Excalibur (1:14)
11. The Sword Fight (4:34)
12. Tom Chats To Sandy (2:08)
13. The Joust (5:11)
14. The Laser Gun (3:12)
15. Tom And Sandy Foil Mordred (3:13)
16. The Jet Takes Off (1:09)
17. The Battle Rages (5:46)
18. Victory For King Arthur (4:28)
19. Tom Says Farewell To Sandy (1:53)
20. We Have Lift Off/End Title (3:35)
*Includes music not featured in film. **Not featured in film.