Unforgettable - Expanded Score - Limited 2000 Copies - Christopher Young

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The folks at Perseverance Records worked closely with the composer on this release (which is the reason why it took so long to come out, as he is now one of the busiest in the industry). He went back to his original masters and remixed and edited the tracks for this album, which is very different from the promo he produced when the film came out 13 years ago. Circa 20 minutes of previously unreleased music are featured on the CD, with the remainder being remixes and edits of released material. Similar in style to the composer's own "Species" and "Jennifer 8"
Trackl Listing
01. Unforgettable (03:51)
02. Desire (01:44)
03. Feed Your Head (07:27)
04. Twice Dead (10:36)
05. Without You (02:10)
06. Celestial Blimp (04:44)
07. Scream Serum (03:27)
08. Crucifixion Cerebellum (05:02)
09. Within You (05:11)
10. Head Goo (05:05)
11. Forgotten (04:52)

12. Riddle Fiddle (04:04)
13. Riddle Fiddle-Faddle (04:01)