Uncommon Valor - Expanded Score - James Horner

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This release features the complete score, remixed and remastered from the original session masters at Paramount, and is limited to 3000 units.Throughout the film, Horner often places ethnic instrumentation in chaotic settings while more Western, military ideas pulse in steady, predictable rhythms against them, conveying the idea of discipline and resolve in the face of the exotic and demoralizing culture of the Vietnamese Òother.Ó For Rhodes' haunting by memories of his son as a young boy, strings harmonize in a bittersweet melody that ultimately reflects both duty and loss as it applies to the MIAs/POWs and their loved ones. As the team moves toward the Laotian border, HornerÕs score takes on a more traditional heroic quality and tones down some of the ethnic elements to focus on the teamÕs exploits and cohesiveness. HornerÕs approach to the military adventure aspects reflects his similar work on Star Trek II and The Rocketeer

The Album
01. Main Title (7:19)
02. Airport (2:16)
03. Tag (2:44)
04. A Lot Of Us Have Been Killed (1:21)
05. Steal The Sucker (1:38)
06. Yellow Rain (2:39)
07. Wilkes In Tunnel (7:30)
08. Attack Airbase (3:09)
09. Escape Airbase (3:16)
10. Choppers Over Hill (2:48)
11. Final Escape (2:16)
12. End Credits [Not Used In Film] (3:38)
Total Score Time: 41:03

The Extras
13. Brothers In The Night - Performed by Ray Kennedy (4:39)
(Written by Ray Kennedy, Kevin Dukes, David Ritz)
14. Main Title Extension (2:25)
15. Parade Ground [Not Used In Film] (3:54)
Total Extras Time: 11:02