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Ulzana's Raid – Complete Score – Limited Edition – Frank DeVol

Limited Edition
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Frank DeVol
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Limited Edition


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World premiere release of exciting, vivid western score! Burt Lancaster, Bruce Davison star, Alan Sharp scripts, Joseph Biroc photographs, Robert Aldrich directs, Universal Pictures presents, Frank DeVol scores. All participants excel! Allegorical nod to the Vietnam War chronicles brutal take on cavalry vs. indians trope with small band of reservation Apaches on the run, looting and killing with mounted troops in pursuit. But just who is pursued and who is in pursuit? Whatever. Considerable carnage results. Frank DeVol, veteran composer of Aldrich films (Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?, Hush… Hush Sweet Charlotte, The Flight Of The Phoenix, The Dirty Dozen) melds old-fashioned  marching tune for the cavalry with dynamic action material for variety of intense skirmishes. March typically plays on brass, woodwinds and percussion with minimal support from strings. Interestingly, DeVol also scores the action with brass and woodwinds in the lead, percussion in support and strings – mainly cellos and basses – in subordinate role. Violins get their say in select sequences but this is imposing, edgy, often-rousing and decidedly ferocious music. DeVol gets considerable contrast with both muted and open brass. He offers a number of intense battle cues throughout but special spotlights must go to incredible pair of unrelenting back-to-back action sequences, “Hide And Seek”, “Fire Power”. Here, DeVol leads his “symphonic band” in muscular, rhythmic and highly charged exciting set-pieces that surely qualify as tour-de-force showcases for the brass, especially in challenging, staccato intervals in upper registers. This is not your standard western action music but instead is genuinely forceful, adrenaline-building material. Even subsequent “It’s Wednesday” offers considerable action. DeVol has his own sound. Think The Dirty Dozen on steroids. Highly original writing! Intrada presents entire score from pristine condition 1/2” 3-channel masters courtesy Universal vaults. John Takis provides literate notes, Kay Marshall fashions dramatic booklet utilizing terrific original 1972 film artwork. Music supervision by Hal Mooney, 1970’s Universal music supervisor on Columbo, Six Million Dollar Man, Kolchak, Marcus Welby, Kojak, others. Frank De Vol composes, conducts.


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