Troy - 2 x CD Complete Score - James Horner

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Epic James Horner soundtrack gets expanded 2-CD premiere! Inspired by HomerÕs The Iliad, vivid telling of events surrounding the Trojan War brings alive many iconic characters and images so well remembered even today: Helen Of Troy, Òthe face that launched a thousand shipsÓ, Paris, Hector, that infamous Greek gift, the Trojan horse, Agamemnon, Priam, Menelaus, OdysseusÉ and towering above all, Achilles, immortal warrior born of Thetis and Peleus, invincible in battle save his one vulnerability: the heel. Prestigious actors bringing everything to life include Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Peter OÕToole, Sean Bean, Orlando Bloom, Garrett Hedlund, Brendan Gleeson, Brian Cox, Diane Kruger, Rose Byrne. David Benioff provides literate script, Wolfgang Petersen directs with visual flair. Customary for composer James Horner, the musical approach included massive (and lengthy!) action sequences, richly harmonized main themes plus moments of great subtlety, while remaining anchored with the emotional core of PetersenÕs film, illuminating the fact that this was surely ÒGreek tragedyÓ, with characters on both sides of the legendary conflict worthy of our concern. That said, when the dust does settle, massive battle cues do take center stage if only for their sheer weight and rhythmic energy! Warner Sunset Reprise label issued album in 2004, containing 75 generous minutes of score, including ÒRememberÓ performed by Josh Groban with Tanja Tzarovska. Now a veritable treasure chest of previously unreleased music is available, including both the album and film versions of ÒRememberÓ. Highlights from the new material are voluminous but deserving a spotlight are: rousing ÒNever HesitateÓ training scene between Achilles and beloved cousin Patroclus that introduces AchillesÕ heroic theme in action fanfare fashion, complete nearly 11-minute version of powerful ÒThe MyrmidonsÓ for initial grand battle between Greeks and Trojans on the beaches of Troy, complete ÒTemple FightÓ for scene that follows aforementioned battle, complete nearly 10-minute ÒTrojan VictoryÓ cue, dramatic ÒAchilles Saves BriseisÓ sequence, intimate sequence ÒHector Instructs WifeÓ prior to his emotional single combat with Achilles, complete 9-minute ÒThe Wooden HorseÓ music, many others! Entire 118-minute 2-CD set presented in crisp stereo from digital scoring session mixes made by Simon Rhodes at Todd-AO Scoring in Studio City, California, all courtesy WaterTower Music and Warner Bros. Colorful booklet design by Kay Marshall, literate notes by John Takis. James Horner composes, conducts.

Track Listing
CD 1
01. Armies Approach (Original Version)** (3:53)
02. Call For Achilles* (3:07)
03. Feast Source* (2:08)
04. Brothers At War* (1:54)
05. Never Hesitate* (1:38)
06. Dawn Alarm** (1:27)
07. The Myrmidons** (10:40)
08. The Temple Fight** (4:10)
09. Briseis Taken* (1:19)
10. There WonÕt Be A War* (3:02)
11. River Styx And Gates Of Troy* (2:16)
12. The Greeks Invade (5:42)
13. A Trojan Victory** (9:34)
14. Achilles Saves Briseis* (5:25)
      Total CD 1 Time: 56:29

CD 2
01. Trojan Council* (1:52)
02. Mistaken Identity (The Trojans Attack) (5:00)
03. Hector Instructs Wife* (4:29)
04. Hector Suits Up* (1:30)
05. HectorÕs Farewells* (2:50)
06. Single Combat** (5:02)
07. Priam Pleads* (3:32)
08. Priam Takes Briseis* (1:29)
09. HectorÕs Funeral (1:01)
10. The Wooden Horse** (9:20)
11. The Sacking Of Troy And End Credits (Through the Fires, Achilles É and Immortality) 13:24
12. Remember (Film Version)* Ð Performed by Josh Groban With Tanja Tzarovska (4:23)
      Total Time: 54:12
      Total Score Time: 110:41

The Extras
13. Armies Approach (Film Version)* (3:53)
14. Remember (Album Version) √ê Performed by Josh Groban With Tanja Tzarovska (4:15)
      Total Extras Time: 8:10
      Total CD 2 Time: 62:28
      * Not Previously Released
      **Includes Music Not Previously Released