Troll - Complete Score - Richard Band

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Original soundtrack to John Buechler horror fantasy with Michael Moriarty, Shelley Hack, Sonny Bono, June Lockhart. Richard Band fashions evocative orchestral score with generous blend of haunting melody, sinister evil, wild action. Highlight is rousing choral segment ("Cantos Profanae") where main Troll motif plays in fragments, builds through chorus and orchestra, emerges a riveting, dramatic set piece. Band uses rhythm in exciting fashion! Gentler moments also play via beautifully detailed solo oboe, harp, bells, percussion, other haunting colors. In 1986, composer assembles bulk of score into five meticulous - and lengthy - "suites", allows Restless label LP to play as extended symphonic work. Intrada proudly premieres "perfect" LP presentation with newly-remastered sound in CD format from original elements maintained in beautiful condition. Richard Band conducts. Signature Edition release limited to 1200 copies! SOLD OUT!
Track Listing
01. Cantos I 10:00
02. Cantos II 5:14
03. Cantos Profanae 3:05
04. Cantos IV 9:57
05. Cantos V 9:05