Tourist Trap - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Pino Donaggio

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Tourist Trap Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Limited Collector's Edition
Released for the first time ever on CD!
Music Composed by Pino Donaggio
An eerie and deserted wax museum, SLAUSEN'S LOST OASIS, is the site for spine-tingling terror where four unsuspecting young travelers (Including TANYA ROBERTS from "Charlie's Angels") are lured into a very deadly "TOURIST TRAP." Slausen (CHUCK CONNORS) is the reclusive and bizarre owner of this attraction, which is actually more like a macabre chamber of horrors. The grotesque and frightening mannequins in this sordid side-show are only the beginning of the murderous mayhem and nightmarish madness to come.
Track Listing
01. Main Title
02. The Back Room
03. Someone's Watching
04. In The Pool
05. Love Theme/ Shrine
06. Effetti Moog e Voci
07. Davey's Waltz
08. The Chase
09. Eileen's Death
10. Love Theme/Wife
11. Davey's House
12. Mannequins
13. Mannequins Come Forth
14. Heartburst
15. Flight
16. In The Water
17. Dreamwake
18. Escape
19. Stalking
20. Becky's Death
21. Mannequins On Guard
22. Love Theme/Confession
23. "Jerry" To The Rescue
24. Dance/Axed
25. Going Home/End Titles