Varese Sarabande

Total Recall - Deluxe Edition - Jerry Goldsmith

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This expanded edition neatly fleshes out Goldsmith's ideas so the whole thing flows more happily from beginning to end. A new high for sci-fi action scoring was set with Total Recall that even Goldsmith hasn't really topped. The detail, vibrancy and sheer bravura of every energetic burst is a marvel. This style of very rhythmic writing can end up just sawing away with little attention to detail, but Verhoven (I would guess) pushed Goldsmith to a greater level of complexity than most composers would bother with. Goldsmith's career you enjoy the most (gritty 70's, synth and orchestra bravura 80's or variable, but entertaining 90's). Having said that, it is one, if not his very best action score. It is that apotheosis of his action writing into the one that stands out just that bit above the rest, which for Jerry Goldsmith is saying something. No Goldsmith fan should be without it and even if you do have the original album, Varese's generous and useful liner notes coupled with what seems to be improved sound quality makes it a more than worthy addition to anyone's collection
Track Listing
1. The Dream (3:32)
2. First Meeting (1:10)
3. Secret Agent (0:52)
4. The Implant (2:41)
5. The Aftermath (0:30)
6. For Old Times' Sake (3:0)
7. Clever Girl (4:30)
8. The Johnny Cab (3:47)
9. Howdy Stranger (2:0)
10. The Nose Job (1:55)
11. The Space Station (0:47)
12. A New Face (1:29)
13. The Mountain (1:27)
14. Identification (1:02)
15. Lies (1:04)
16. Where am I? (3:59)
17. Swallow It (3:07)
18. The Big Jump (4:33)
19. Without Air (1:15)
20. Remembering (1:50)
21. The Mutant (3:16)
22. The Massacre (2:34)
23. Friends (1:40)
24. The Treatment (5:36)
25. The Hollowgram (5:36)
26. End of a Dream (5:46)
27. A New Life (2:22)