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Total Recall - Blu-Ray - Special Edition - Paul Verhoeven

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In the tradition of the best sci-fi, Total Recall depicts snatches of a future environment without ever panning back to assess this backdrop. While Verhoeven doesnÕt shy away from the harsh reality, nor does he pause for reflection, with every respite from QuaidÕs quest of discovery providing the catalyst for yet another set piece. This focus on action sometimes detracts from the deeper messages below the surface, but even so, it is never dumb, even when the Governator is dishing out sound bites.
Total Recall belongs in the same stable of fellow Verhoeven flicks RoboCop and Starship Troopers as an explosive view of the future that gives its viewers something to chew on while never neglecting a gruesomely satisfying pay-off.
Special Features
  • New 34 Min Interview with Paul Verhoeven
  • Total Recall 20 Years Later
  • Total Recall: The Special Effects
  • Making of Total Recall
  • Imagining Total Recall Featurette
  • Restoration Comparison
  • Photo Gallery