Titanic - 2 x CD Anniversary Edition - Expanded Score - James Horner

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The expanded score to the most successful film in history, James Cameron's Titanic. James Horner wrote a haunting & beautiful score which has always been revered as one of his all time best. A true orchestral delight in every way, the recent passing of James Horner really reitarates how much of a talent was lost. This 2CD Anniversary edition expands key musical sequences and gives a fantastic new listening experience.
Track Listing
1 Never An Absolution
2 Distant Memories
3 Southampton
4 Rose
5 Leaving Port
6 "Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch"
7 "Hard To Starboard"
8 Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave
9 The Sinking
10 Death Of Titanic
11 A Promise Kept
12 A Life So Changed
13 An Ocean Of Memories
14 My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From "Titanic")
15 Hymn To The Sea
1 Valse Septembre 
2 Marguerite Waltz
3 Wedding Dance
4 Poet and Peasant
5 Blue Danube
6 Song Without Words
7 Estudiantina 
8 Vision of Salome
9 Titsy Bitsy Girl
10 Alexander's Ragtime Band
11 Sphinx
12 Barcarole
13 Orpheus
14 Song of Autumn
15 Nearer My God to Thee