Time After Time - Original Score - Miklos Rozsa

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Time After Time has been available on an LP and CD (from Fifth Continent) but that was a re-recording conducted in 1979 by R—zsa in London., the original soundtrack performance conducted by R—zsa whicjh is now long out of print & very rare indeed.
One of R—zsaÕs greatest works is available in definitive form.
Track Listing
Warner Bros. Logo (Max Steiner)/Prelude (2:07)
Search For The Ripper; Decision (2:04)
The Vaporising Equaliser / The Time Machine (2:10)
Time Travel (1:31)
Bank Montage (1:10)
Utopia (2:03)
The Ripper/Pursuit (3:26)
The Time Machine Waltz (3:58)
Man Before His Time (1:55)
Redwoods (2:30)
Murder (1:43)
The Fifth Victim (1:34)
The Last Victim (1:45)
Nocturnal Visitor (1:38)
Dangerous Drive (3:06)
The JourneyÕs End/Finale (3:58)
Total Time: 54:07