Timanfaya - Expanded Score - Stelvio Cipriani

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Stelvio CiprianiÕs score is one of his four collaborations with director JosŽ Antonio de la Loma. As usual, the romance is presented through a beautifully lyrical love theme, a specialty of the composer. The other main character in the film is the titular volcano whose natural majesty is represented with a hypnotic organ effect - an ideal accompaniment for the smoldering mountain. The heavenly siren-like voice is courtesy of Nora Orlandi.
The soundtrack album was only released at his date in Spain on LP before; this CD premiere includes the original program with 10 previously unreleased bonus tracks. 8-page full color booklet is richly illustrated, liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the film and the score.
Track Listing
01. Timanfaya (03:23)
02. La ruta de los vulcanes (03:57)
03. Escapada en fuerabordo (02:14)
04. Playa del Bollullo (01:33)
05. Primer en quentro (01:47)
06. Discoteca (01:49)
07. Playa de Famara (02:41)
08. Puerto de la Cruz (01:58)
09. La monta–a de fuego (03:54)
10. Estudio art’stico (03:42)
11. Isla de la Graciosa (01:34)
12. Las Ca–adas (04:04)

13. Estudio art’stico (03:49)
14. Timanfaya (Piano solo) (04:42)
15. Puerto de la Cruz (01:39)
16. Las Ca–adas (02:50)
17. La monta–a de fuego (03:01)
18. Discoteca (Film version) (01:02)
19. La monta–a de fuego (04:00)
20. Timanfaya (02:40)
21. Estudio art’stico (Piano solo) (04:42)
22. Timanfaya (03:49)