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Thunderbirds 2 - Original Score - Barry Gray

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Long out of Print Silva Screen release takes us back to the 1960's with the second volume "Thunderbirds 2", one of the most popular television series ever to hit the small screen. Bringing three-dimensional puppet animation adventures of International Rescue to our living rooms. When you heard that familiar opening theme "MAIN TITLES", stirring march and we're ready for the weekly action. Our composer Barry Gray writes powerful cues that will make any youngster leap for joy. Besides the opening track, a few highlight stands out "SAN MARTINO", beautiful latin arrangement with a solo guitar ~ "DANGEROUS GAME", haunting theme with composer Barry Gray at the piano ~ "SLEEPY TIME", a short lullaby with music box flavor ~ "FLYING HIGH", featuring Gary Miller on vocal for the bonus closing title, although it was never used is still a winner. This album delivers twenty explosive cues from Gerry Anderson's hit show that thrilled us ~ his many, many fans...gotta love it!
Track Listing
1  Main Titles  1:25
2  Danger At Ocean Deep  2:17
3  Spoke City Jazz  1:39
4  Easy Listening Radio Music  1:17
5  Drama On The South East Asia Pass  5:22
6  Taking A Desperate Chance  3:25
7  Thunderbirds To The Rescue  2:40
8  Penelope In France  4:02
9  Elegance, Charm & Deadly Danger  2:52
10  Dangerous Game Vocals √ê Jack Clegg (2) 1:39
11  Century 21 March 2:01
12  Space Observatory 3 2:02
13  San Martino 2:47
14  The Noon Day Sun  1:15
15  New York City  0:56
16  The Duchess  0:35
17  World Exclusive Foiled  1:38
18 Moving The Empire State Building  3:31
19  The Rescue Of Ned Cook  2:33
20  Dangerous Game  2:08
21  Lady Penelope And The Mouse  1:11
22  Journey Of The Martian Space Probe  1:32
23  Coralville Surprise / The Bank Job  3:41
24  Christmas On Tracy Island  4:01
25  Sleepy Time  0:46
26  End Titles  1:07
27  Flying High (Original Unused End Titles Theme) Vocals √ê Gary Miller (2) 1:25