Thor - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Brian Tyler

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Original soundtrack from second installment of Marvel/Disney franchise for Thor, part of wildly successful team of Avengers. Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins star, Alan Taylor directs. Fighting alongside Thor to save Earth and Nine Realms is Brian Tyler, with his mighty score. Thundering action is keynote! Broadly drawn, heroic main theme anchors, travels on great journey with Thor, remains at his side throughout. Solo voice, subtler colors offer respite to battle music, but no matter how far Tyler takes spirited music, either harmonic vernacular of main theme or melody itself are never far behind. Coherency is dynamic result. An impressive, powerful work! Intrada & Disney proudly present CD version of exciting score with colorful packaging for collectors! Brian Tyler, Allan Wilson conduct Philharmonic Orchestra of London & London Philharmonic Orchestra.
Track Listing
01. Thor: TheDark World
02. Lokasenna
03. Asgard
04. Battle of Vanaheim
05. Origins
06. The Trial of Loki
07. Into Eternity
08. Escaping the Realm
09. A Universe from Nothing
10. Untouchable
11. Thor, Son of Odin
12. Shadows of Loki
13. Sword and Council
14. Invasion of Asgard
15. Betrayal
16. Journey to Asgard
17. Uprising
18. Vortex
19. An Unlikely Alliance
20. Convergence
21. Beginning of the End
22. Deliverance
23. Battle Between Worlds
24. As the Hammer Falls
25. Legacy
26. Marvel Studios Fanfare