Thelma & Louise - Complete Score - Hans Zimmer

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ZimmerÕs score for Thelma & Louise captures ScottÕs visuals and the tone of the film perfectly. While there are a fair number of pop songs used in the movie, itÕs ZimmerÕs twangy, mournful, exciting, hard-driving, bluesy music that really propels the film and helps give it its distinctive feel Ð and it features the absolutely mind-bending guitar work of the great Pete Haycock.
Thelma & Louise had a soundtrack release on MCA that was all songs save for one four-minute track, ÒThunderbird.Ó That track was assembled specifically for that album and was not used in the film in that form ever. It basically pieced together parts of three different cues to make the one four-minute track. For this first ever release of the film score, we present all the music as Zimmer recorded it for its use in the film. As sometimes happens, a few of the cues were shortened for the movie, but we left them in their entirety for the CD. As a bonus, we also include the ÒMain TitleÓ cue exactly as it is edited in the movie (itÕs comprised of two score cues). ItÕs a real pleasure to finally bring ZimmerÕs wonderful score to CD Ð Very Rare!

Track Listing
Going To Mexico
The Hell With Texas
Happy Birthday Lady / Picking Up JD / Oilfields
Watching Him Go / Ride Of The FBI
LouiseÕs Theme
Giving Up / Suck My Dick
Getting Out Of State
I Got A Knack
Charged With Murder
Learning From TV
Chase / YouÕve Always Been Crazy
Thelma & Louise / End Credits
Bonus Track: Main Title (Film Version)