The Wrong Man - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Bernard Herrmann

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The Wrong Man was the third collaboration between Hitchcock and composer Bernard Herrmann, one of the most fruitful and famous director/composer partnerships in the history of cinema. The relationship was soon to produce their most famous works togetherÑVertigo, North by Northwest and PsychoÑbut for The Wrong Man Herrmann produced a score as low key and subtle as Hitchcock's film, emphasizing the claustrophobia and terror of Balestrero's Kafkaesque experience.
This was, in fact, the score on which Herrmann pioneered the minimal, obsessive style that became his hallmark. Using a pared-down orchestra of brass, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards and a single string bassÑevoking Balestrero's profession as the bassist in a New York nightclub bandÑHerrmann created an insular world of edgy color and bleak patterns. It is the quintessential "Herrmannesque" effort of psychological scoring.
In addition to the suspense music, The Wrong Man features sympathetic cues for Balestrero's home life, and one of Herrmann's most unusual main titles: a piece of pop dance music played by Balestrero's nightclub band.
Any Herrmann score is an important addition to a soundtrack collectionÑa Herrmann score for a Hitchcock film, even more so. This premiere release of The Wrong Man features the complete original soundtrack in clean monaural sound, with liner notes by Herrmann authority Christopher Husted.
Track Listing
Hitchcock 0:40
Prelude 2:04
The Hallway 0:51
5 am 0:39
The Car 1:35
The Store 1:28
The Second Store 1:04
Fingerprints 1:44
The Cell I 1:46
The Cell II 1:21
Police Van 0:40
Felony Court 1:10
The Tank/Handcuffs 4:09
The Door 0:33
Bob 1:09
The Telephone 2:24
Farmhouse 0:33
Bridge 0:38
3rd Floor 1:09
Alibi 0:33
The Glove 0:50
The Mirror 1:12
The Parting 2:20
Prayer 1:06
Stork Club 0:28
Finale 4:01
Total Time: 38:11

Bonus Tracks
The Door (alternate) 0:33
Trailer (Hitchcock/Prelude/Manny) 2:36
Total Time: 3:11
Total Disc Time: 41:28