The World,The Flesh & The Devil - Complete Score - Limited 3000 Copies - Miklos Rozsa

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The World, the Flesh and the Devil is one of three science fiction films Mikl—s R—zsa scored in his long career, the others being The Power (1968) and Time After Time (1979). R—zsa's grandiose music provides an epic backdrop for the end of all civilization, but also a human dimension for the characters and their struggles to maintain their sanity. R—zsa evokes his film noir scores in moody strokes for the first third of the film; embraces Leonard Bernstein-styled balletic jazz for a lighthearted sequence in which Belafaonte's character dances with his own shadows in desolate Manhattan; and develops a nostalgic love theme for the tentative romance between Ralph (Belfafonte) and Sarah (Stevens). The film and score conclude with a lengthy foot chase throughout the city in which Rozsa captures a cathartic transformation from darkness to light. FSM's premiere CD features R—zsa's complete underscore to The World, the Flesh and the Devil in excellent stereo sound, including alternate and unused cues. The CD includes R—zsa's piano source music ("Nocturne") from late in the film, but not the Harry Belafonte songs (for contractual reasons) with which R—zsa had no involvement.
Track Listing
1.  Prelude (01:40)
2. Disaster (00:57)
3.  Escape (02:24)
4.  End of World/Exploring/The Dead City (09:05)
5.  Alone/Radio Station (01:58)
6.  Alone (02:16) (Alternate)
7.  Sarah Appears (02:48) (Alternate)
8.  Sarah Appears (02:39)
9.  Dummies/Light/Shadow Dance (04:38)
10.  Snodgrass's Suicide (01:55)
11.  Spring Fever (01:17)
12.  Nostalgia (01:35)
13.  Friends Again (02:44)
14.  The Third Man (01:22)
15.  Amnesia (00:38)
16.  Picnic (00:43)
17.  Crossroads (01:51)
18.  Indecision/Nocturne (01:34)
19.  Showdown (02:50)
20.  Manhunt in Manhattan/Stalking/Transformation/Finale (07:53)
Total Duration: 00:52:47