The Witches Of Eastwick – Original Score – John Williams (OUT OF PRINT)


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If you could compare a film composer to a rock star, John Williams is our genre’s equivalent to the Beatles. He’s the biggest selling, most recognized composer of all time. It is rare if you can’t find SOMEBODY who hasn’t heard or loved his music. Williams’ music has touched so many people in the form of Star Wars, Jaws, E.T., Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Dracula, Home Alone, Jurassic Park, Catch Me If You Can, Harry Potter and so many more. With Witches Of Eastwick he created a change of pace from what he became known for. It was a playful, wonderful and brilliant score for a comedy film. When you watch the film, even Jack Nicholson whistles his own theme! The score was nominated for an Academy Award.
Track Listing
1 The Township Of Eastwick (02:48)
2 The Dance Of The Witches (04:46)
3 Maleficio (03:22)
4 The Seduction Of Alex (02:42)
5 Daryl’s Secrets (03:42)
6 The Seduction Of Suki & The Ballroom Scene (06:20)
7 Daryl Arrives (02:46)
8 The Tennis Game (02:50)
9 Have Another Cherry! (03:25)
10 Daryl Rejected (03:03)
11 The Ride Home (03:23)
12 The Destruction Of Daryl (03:39)
13 The Children’s Carousel (01:53)
14 End Credits (The Dance Of The Witches Reprise) (04:45)

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