The White Buffalo - Complete Score - John Barry

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J. Lee Thompson directs Charles Bronson in this strange western variation on Herman Melville's Moby Dick. Bronson plays a man named James Otis, who is disturbed by dreams of a giant white buffalo. He returns to the west under his new name --Wild Bill Hickok. Amongst his travels, he meets Chief Crazy Horse (Will Sampson), who is roaming the plains in an obsessive search for the giant white buffalo that killed his young daughter. Chief Crazy Horse wants to slay the beast in revenge for his daughter's death, and Wild Bill Hickok teams up with him to hunt down the giant white buffalo. Also stars Kim Novak, John Carradine, and Slim Pickens. 1977
Track Listing
The White Buffalo (2:15)
Main Title (3:59)
Mr. Otis (0:27)
Charlie One-Eye (1:40)
Buffalo Rampage (0:53)
Mourning Worm / Buffalo Bones (1:59)
Dead Miners / Fetterman (1:36)
Up French Crek / Bein Afraid (2:07)
Eatin' Crow / Snow Walk (1:53)
"Ol" Nicodemus (1:02)
Killer Fires (1:08)
Hang a Wooden Suit / Capital Expansion (2:02)
Night Visitor (1:17)
Still Bein Afraid (2:05)
The Place / Buffalo Charge (2:06)
Ohinyan / End Credits (4:57)
Jenny Weeds (0:32)
Lost My Bet (1:19)
The remaining two tracks were arranged, conducted and produced by David Shire
Camptown Medley #1 (1:53)
Camptown Medley #2 (1:37)