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The Warriors – Expanded Score – Limited 3000 Copies – Barry DeVorzon (OUT OF PRINT)

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Barry Devorzon


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CAN YOU DIG IT?!!! La-La Land Records, Universal Music and Paramount Pictures are proud to present the remastered and expanded soundtrack to the 1979 Paramount Pictures cult classic motion picture THE WARRIORS, starring Michael Beck, James Remar and Deborah Van Valkenburgh, and directed by Walter Hill. The original A&M album presentation has been remastered, with songs from Joe Walsh, Arnold McCuller, Desmond Child and others sounding better than ever. But to top even that, Barry DeVorzon’s influential original film score finally makes its world premiere, nearly 35 years since the film’s release (the two score tracks on the original ’79 album were uniquely mixed for that release). Some of DeVorzon material presented here was ultimately cut from the film, so fans will get to hear these tracks for the very first time. DeVorzon’s masterful, progressive synch-rock score undoubtedly inspired many filmmakers and composers, from John Carpenter and Harold Faltermeyer to Hans Zimmer and countless others. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Mike Matessino, this special release of 3000 units features exclusive, in-depth liner notes from writers Eric Lichtenfeld and Tim Grieving.
Track Listing
Theme from The Warriors 4:00 Barry DeVorzon Nowhere to Run 3:14 Arnold McCuller In Havana 3:57 Kenny Vance & Ismael Miranda Echoes in My Mind 6:11 Mandrill The Fight 1:21 Barry DeVorzon In the City 3:56 Joe Walsh Love Is a Fire 4:49 Genya Ravan Baseball Furies Chase* 2:30 Barry DeVorzon You’re Moving Too Slow 2:39 Johnny Vastano Last of an Ancient Breed 4:23 Desmond Child A&M ALBUM TOTAL TIME: 37:03
ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE Wonder Wheel (Main Title) 6:50 Graveyard* 1:27 Night Run 2:09 The Orphans/Turnbull A.C.’s Pt. 1/Riff Boss/Turnbull A.C.’s Pt. 2/Molotov Cocktail* 4:09 March to Station 1:13 Luther Shoots Cyrus*/Train Walking* 1:42 Baseball Furies Chase/The Fight 5:09 Into the Tunnel* 0:57 Skater/Men’s Room/The Fight (alternate) 4:07 Riffs Learns Truth/Platform**/Warriors & Rogues** 2:56 ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE TOTAL TIME: 30:36
BONUS TRACK Platform* (alternate)/Warriors & Rogues* (alternate) 3:02 TOTAL ALBUM TIME: 70:41 * not used in film ** film version

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