The Thomas Crown Affair - Complete Score - Michel Legrand

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The music was recorded in Los Angeles, with Michel Legrand conducting a great group of musiciansÑincluding Ray Brown and Shelly Manne in the rhythm section, Louise DiTullio on flute, Bud Shank on alto saxophone, Vincent DeRosa on horn, etc. When the film and the song became a success, United Artists naturally decided to release an album, but as was common with soundtrack LPs of the era, they opted for a re-recording with new arrangements that made for a supposedly more pleasant listening experience. Legrand beautifully arranged his material and re-recorded the music in France. The LPÑa masterpiece in terms of its arrangements, sound and productionÑwas a huge success, repeatedly re-released until today. The album was first issued on CD in the nineties by Ryko; it was later reissued by Var�se Sarabande and a couple of times in Japan, but the original film recording has never before been releasedÑuntil now.
This CD contains the remastered album presentation (with much-improved sound) plus the entire original recording presented from mono elements, courtesy of MGM. The package includes a 16-page full-color booklet with liner notes by Legrand biographer St≈Ωphane Lerouge, including quotes from the composer, Norman Jewison, Alan & Marilyn Bergman and Alexandre Desplat.
The ultimate presentation of a score that defines the essence of the elegant and sophisticated sound of the sixties. The cool essence!
Track Listing
01. The Windmills Of Your Mind* (2:24)
02. Room Service (1:41)
03. A ManÕs Castle (2:41)
04. The Chess Game (5:58)
05. Cash And Carry (2:35)
06. His Eyes, Her Eyes** (2:17)
07. Playing The Field (5:48)
08. Moments Of Love (2:19)
09. The Boston Wrangler (2:49)
10. Doubting Thomas (3:48)
11. The Crowning Touch (2:59)
12. The Windmills Of Your Mind (2:22)
13. His Eyes, Her Eyes (2:15)

14. The Windmills Of Your Mind* (2:25)
15. Knock, Knock (0:50)
16. The Gang (3:02)
17. Getaway (0:52)
18. Escapeline (1:28)
19. Cemetary (1:20)
20. More Cemetary (1:19)
21. Enter Vicky (0:25)
22. The Windmills Of Your Mind* (1:25)
23. Polo (0:47)
24. Brandy (1:33)
25. Chess Anyone? (4:26)
26. LetÕs Play Something Else (1:18)
27. Togetherness (1:38)
28. DonÕt Bug Me (1:15)
29. Beach House (1:01)
30. Love Montage (1:21)
31. No Deals (1:01)
32. All My Love, Tommy (3:07)
Total Disc Time: 71:26
* Sung by Noel Harrison
Music by Michel Legrand
Lyrics by Alan & Marilyn Bergman
** Sung by Michel Legrand