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The Terminator - Blu-Ray - (Uncut) - French Edition - James Cameron

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In 2029, super powerful computers dominate the planet and aim the outright extermination of the human race ! To destroy the future of man , they decided to change the past and to do this , send an indestructible cyborg Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger ), in a journey through time . Its mission is to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) , the woman whose unborn child will become the only hope of mankind .
This iconic movie from 1984, now restored to Hi Def, gives a new and an incredible new viewing experience.

Special Features:
  • 7 cut scenes
  • Terminator : A Retrospective (30 ')
  • The creation of Terminator: special effects and music by Brad Fiedel
  • English / French DTS Audio
  • Subtitles
  • Region free