The Terminator - Blu-Ray - Special Edition - James Cameron

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Endlessly re-watchable and effortlessly entertaining, 'The Terminator' is a true staple of the science fiction genre, and a defining example of blockbuster filmmaking. While there are certain weaknesses in the script -- the action, effects, and genuine creativity more than make up for any minor shortcomings. Through the story of an emotionless, virtually indestructible monster that will literally stop at nothing to destroy its targets, Cameron is able to tap into some of mankind's most basic fears, creating a visceral and truly frightening "tech noir" that hasn't lost any of its terrifying luster. Even in Hollywood's current climate of massive budget, computer-generated summer tent-poles, 'The Terminator' continues to remind audiences and would-be filmmakers, that all one really needs to create explosive entertainment, is talent, ingenuity, and courage. Well, all that and a really, really big Austrian.
Creating The Terminator: Visual Effects and Music (SD, 13 min) - This is a brief but interesting look at the making of the film's special effects, focusing on scenes set in the future, and the tanker truck explosion near the climax of the movie. Interviews with the VFX crew and behind-the-scenes footage are also provided, detailing how miniatures and forced perspective were used in the process. The music is touched upon as well, including an interview with the composer.

Terminator: A Retrospective (SD, 21 min) - Here we get a look back at the film's production that mostly consists of a conversation between director James Cameron and star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Topics touched upon include the inspiration for the story, the casting process, crafting the character of The Terminator once Arnold was brought on board, Stan Winston's fantastic makeup and effects, and the success which led to the second film. Though far from groundbreaking, fans who somehow haven't already seen this feature on previous Blu-ray or DVD releases will definitely want to take a look.

Terminated Scenes (SD) - Seven deleted scenes are included here with Dolby Digital 1.0 audio, and are viewable individually. Though most are quick and disposable, there are a few extra bits of development between characters and several hints and setups to plotlines that would be later developed in the sequels