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The Spiral Road - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Another early classic from Jerry Goldsmith comes to CD for the first time. If youÕve ever wondered what the score toMedicine Man might have sounded like if Goldsmith had written it in 1962, The Spiral Road may be your answer! A sprawling and exotic adventure score with thrilling action music and a beautiful love theme, The Spiral Road is an astonishingly complex and sophisticated score. ItÕs another of the composerÕs early works that clearly showed that a new master had arrived. An essential soundtrack for all Goldsmith fans, even though many may be unfamiliar with the film. It has only recently been released on DVD as part of a five-film Rock Hudson collection.The Spiral Road starred Husdon, Burl Ives and Gena Rowlands, and was directed by Robert Mulligan (To Kill A Mockingbird). When an opportunistic physician (Hudson) travels to the jungles of Java, a shocking meeting with a black magic witch doctor forces him to re-evaluate his selfish past.GoldsmithÕs score for The Spiral Road was his longest and most epic to that point, featuring 65 minutes of music. If youÕve heard our releases of other early Goldsmith scores such as Studs Lonigan, Lonely Are The Brave and Freud, you can probably better imagine how good this one is!
Track Listing
1. Main Title (2:00)
2. The Totocks (1:16)
3. The Journey Starts I (1:02)
4. The Journey Starts II (1:44)
5. Black Death (1:43)
6. Journey To Jansen (2:14)
7. Sleight Of Tooth (1:17)
8. Sulking Sultan (3:26)
9. Burning Village (3:49)
10. P.G. And Sympathy (:40)
11. Anton The Atheist (2:08)
12. BetseyÕs No Better (1:48)
13. Night Work (2:01)
14. Worth Waiting For (2:13)
15. Interrupted Idyll (2:26)
16. Domestic Discord (3:58)
17. Notes To Anton (1:15)
18. Together Again (:36)
19. Jansen On Lepresy (:56)
20. May Lay (1:53)
21. Missing River-Master (:43)
22. Frightful Frolick (1:48)
23. Forgetting Frolick (1:34)
24. Journey To Jano (:40)
25. Some Old Black Magic (1:30)
26. Bottled By Burubi (2:12)
27. Burubi Trap (3:43)
28. Bye Bye Burubi (3:51)
29. Back In The Jungle (:57)
30. EmerginÕ Surgeon (1:59)
31. To The Rescue (1:50)
32. DragerÕs DragginÕ (3:44)
33. Anton (1:30)
34. End Title (:38)