The Shining – 2 Disc 4K & Blu-Ray – Extended Version – Limited Edition – Stanley Kubrick


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Extended cut of Stanley Kubrick’s chilling adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. Seeking solitude in order to write a novel, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) takes a job as an off-season caretaker at the remote Overlook Hotel in Colorado. Eager to get started, Jack disregards warnings that the isolation drove a former caretaker mad, and moves into the massive resort with his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and son Danny (Danny Lloyd).
But Danny has a supernatural gift which makes him aware of an evil lurking in the hotel, and sure enough, as winter storms cut the hotel off from civilisation, Jack gradually becomes murderously insane.
The Shining is one of the most famous movies of the 20th Century, spurning critical essays, conspiracy theories, and even a creative clash between a perfectionist filmmaker and best-selling author. It’s a movie that introduced the world to the gliding-camera feeling of Steadicam cinematography, and one that still terrifies almost 40 years after its debut. It’s so iconic, in fact, that despite Stephen King’s creative objections to the changes made during its adaptation, the filmmakers behind the upcoming Doctor Sleep sequel have repurposed the imagery from this movie rather than going back to King’s original novel. (It was also heavily featured in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, not to mention a few decades worth of parodies.)
4K Disc
Commentary by Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown and Kubrick biographer John Baxter
Blu-ray Disc
Commentary by Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown and Kubrick biographer John Baxter (same as above)
The Making of The Shining (35 mins)
View from the Overlook: Crafting The Shining (26 mins)
Wendy Carlos, Composer (7 mins)
The Visions of Stanley Kubrick (15 mins)

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