The Satan Bug - Complete Score - Limited 3000 Copies - Jerry Goldsmith

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Jerry Goldsmith's score to The Satan Bug was an important stepping stone, featuring snaking, snarling atonality and avant garde suspense as a kind of bridge from his television work (such as on The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) to feature classics like Planet of the Apes. Goldsmith wrote for an orchestra devoid of high strings -- only cellis and bass -- with a battery of brass, percussion, woodwinds and two early synthesizers, the Hammond Solovox and Novachord. Utilizing 12-tone serial techniques, Goldsmith concocted an eerie, malevolent sound world of astringent action and seething creepiness.
The surviving music-only sections total 30:34, and the original intention was to release this material only. It was then decided to add the music-and-effects cues as a bonus. It simply happened to work out that the music-and-effects cues "cleaned up" better than was hoped (due in large part to the transparent way Goldsmith wrote the music), and that the cues were best presented chronologically. The CD liner notes (by Jeff Bond) provide programming instructions for making a music-only sequence.
Track Listing
1. Main Title/The Base 3:04
2. Tired Doctor* 1:40
3. The Bottle Snatcher* 2:55
4. No Answer 1:14
5. Dockside 0:46
6. The Deal 3:11
7. Chemistry Lesson 2:16
8. The Vault* 2:10
9. Empty Box 0:41
10. The Telegram/The Killers at Home 2:11
11. The Skin Diver 2:46
12. His Master's Voice/The Phone Call 1:18
13. The Investigator 0:55
14. The Box 1:00
15. The Captives 1:45
16. Escape Route 2:27
17. The Getaway* 6:19
18. Lock Up 2:09
19, Instant Death* 1:26
20. The Hitchhiker* 1:31
21. End of the Line* 2:17
22. Road Block* 3:10
23. The Clue/Traffic Jam* 1:31
24. The Hidden Bottle*/Bail Out*/End Title 5:25
Total Time: 55:02

Bonus Tracks
25. Bongo Blues* (Jack Costanzo)/Dockside 1:45
26. Source Music 2:52
27. The Clue 1:01
28. End Title 0:27
Total Time: 6:12
Total Disc Time: 61:21