The Rock - 2 x CD Complete Score - Special Edition - Hans Zimmer


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Finally!. The complete & expanded score to Michael Bay’s action hit from 1996. The Rock. Hans ZImmer & H Gregson Williams collaborated to write a stunning score matching the intensity & drama of the skilled direction from Bay. The original release highlighted a portion of the score. missing in some great length. stunning action & orchestral set pieces. This 2CD special edition now comprises the entire score. along with alternates. outtakes & bonus cues. Complete with colour booklet. stills and liner notes from the movie.
Track Listing
Disc 1
1. Main Titles
2. Hummel Gets The Rockets
3. Terrorist Care Package
4. Taking Over Alcatraz
5. Hummels Speech – Alcatraz Re-Opened
6. Mason Breaks Windows – Drive To Hotel
7. Rope Trick – The Chase
8. Jade
9. Seal Incursion
10. Welcome to The Rock – In The Tunnels
11. Shower Room Shootout
12. Flush The Pipes
13. The Morgue
14. Mine Cart Escape
15. Battle In The Mine
16. Mason Meets Hummel – Goodspeed Is Captured
17. Preparing For Launch
18. Missile Loose
19. President’s Speech
20. Mutiny
21. Lighthouse

Disc 2
1. Hunting Goodspeed
2. Green Smoke – Hostages Alive
3. Fort Walton – Kansas
4. End Credits
5. Main Titles (demo)
6. Hummel Gets The Rockets (alternate)
7. Terrorist Care Package (alternate)
8. Jade (demo)
9. Seal Incursion (alternate)
10. Mine Cart Escape (alternate)
11. Green Smoke (alternate)
12. Kansas (demo)
13. Alternate 1
14. Alternate 2

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