The Robe - 2CD Expanded Score - Limited 2000 Copies - Alfred Newman

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Like Christ, Alfred NewmanÕs heavenly score to the 1953 psychological biblical epic THE ROBE has risen from the dead. Long out of print, La-La Land Records resurrects one of Mr. NewmanÕs greatest scores, fully remastered and slightly longer than previous editions. This epic score has been given the Redman/Hersch/ Matessino attention it so richly deservesÉnever has this powerful score sounded so divine. Insightful liners by the lovely Julie Kirgo and masterful art direction by Dan Goldwasser also add to this classic reissue.
Track Listing
Prelude (Main Title) 1:27
Rome 3:14
The Slave Market (Diana) 2:35
Caligula's Arrival 1:04
Caligula's Departure 1:07
The Map of Jerusalem 5:02
Passover / Palm Sunday 3:36
The Feast 3:15
Searching for Jesus (damaged) 3:31
Execution Orders 1:57
The Carriage of the Cross 1:55
The Crucifixion 7:45
The Nightmare 1:37
Capri 3:55
Tiberius' Palace 2:31
The Market Place 6:13
The Resurrection (vocal: Carole Richards) 3:01
The Story of Miriam* 2:09
Disc 1 Time: 56:08

Elegy 4:32
Marcellus' Redemption 2:24
Justus' Death 1:45
Aftermath 2:06
Hymn for the Dead 1:10
In His Service 1:45
Audience with Caligula* 1:09
The Catacombs / Hope 6:52
Demetrius' Rescue 3:15
The Healing of Demetrius 5:17
Marcellus' Farewell 1:25
The Chase 2:28
Interior Dungeon 2:54
Caligula (extended) 1:53
Finale / Hallelujah 1:58
Bonus Tracks
Palm Sunday Part One (chorus only) 1:26
Palm Sunday Part Two (orchestra only) 1:11
The Crucifixion (orchestra only) 7:33
Prelude (Main Title) (with slates) 1:52
Marcellus' Redemption* (original version - damaged) 2:32
Disc 2 Time: 55:23

Total Album Time: 111:31
* Previously Unreleased

Total Album Time: 111:31
* Previously Unreleased