The Return Of The Musketeers - Complete Score - Jean Claude Petit

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The two first Musketeer films were scored by Michel Legrand and Lalo Schifrin, respectively. For this final chapter, the composer was the always classic and elegant Jean-Claude Petit, who provides a delightfully romantic and adventurous score. The composer himself conducts the London Symphony Orchestra.
Released on LP and CD in 1989 by Milan Records and long out of print, this new version has been remastered from first-generation master tapes and includes six bonus tracks, offering a more complete and comprehensive version. Produced by the composer and St≈Ωphane Lerouge (who also provides the liner notes), the package includes a 16-page full-color booklet

Track Listing
01. Opening (4:46)
02. Royal Dance (1:02)
03. Aramis Boudoir (4:01)
04. Athos and Son (1:50)
05. BeaufortÕs Escape (5:22)
06. Souvenir dÕAmour (1:43)
07. QueenÕs Quintet (2:39)
08. Musketeers Fight Justine (2:21)
09. Justine Lair (3:10)
10. Ship Fight (3:53)
11. Royal Balloon (2:40)
12. JustineÕs Last Land (4:08)
13. King Returns (1:01)
14. Twenty Years Later (3:26)
Previously unreleased material:
15. JustineÕs Crime (1:48)
16. PorthosÕ Merry-Go-Round (1:23)
17. DÕArtagnanÕs Rescue (1:27)
18. To England (1:19)
19. Justine Meets Mazarin (1:22)
20. La Fuite du Roi (1:34)