The Rat Race - Complete Score - Elmer Bernstein

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This is the world premiere release of The Rat Race original soundtrack recording. There was an LP release of the Sam Butera version of the theme √ê an album called √íSam Butera and the Witnesses play the Music from The Rat Race,√ì but it was just the theme; the rest of the album was filled with standards.  The original tapes, housed in Paramount√ïs vaults, were in excellent condition and we present Bernstein√ïs score in its entirety in stereo. In the bonus section we√ïve included some mono source cues (all by Bernstein) and a couple of demos.

Track Listing
Seal/Main Title/Arrival
Wet Reception
Evicted/Platonic Propositions
Telephone Man Leaves
Spaghetti and Wine
Peggy is Cynical
Help from Nellie/New SaxÕs/Decision
The Letter
Strip (part 1)
Strip (parts 2 & 3)
Police Station/Conclusion
Bonus Tracks
Telephone Man Blues
PeggyÕs Blues
Fur Blues
Fur Cat
PeggyÕs Blues
Betrayed (alternate)
Decision (alternate)
New York Theme (demo 1)
Love Theme (demo 2)