The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes – Complete – Limited Edition – Miklos Rozsa


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Track Listing

1. Main Titles/ 221B Baker Street
2. The Smoke Machine/ Concerto/ Cocaine
3. The Curious Case of the Upside-Down Room/ Pistol Practice
4. Moving Out
5. Watson’s Rage/ Being Presumptuous
6. Von Tripitz Appears
7. Gabrielle
8. No.32 Ashdown St./ Canaries
9. The Rambunctious Canary
10. The Diogenes Club
11. The Glenahurich (Loch Lomod Arr Rozsa the Parasol)
12. Inverness/ the Cemetery/ Valladon
13. The Sighting
14. Castles of Scotland/ Urquhart Castle
15. After the Monster/ the Monster Strikes
16. The Last Act
17. Ilse Von Hoffmanstal/ a Certain Royal Personage
18. Ho, Me’s Morse Code/ Eternal Silence/ Farewell
19. Auf Wiedersehen/ the End
20. Castles of Scotland – Version 1 (Bonus Track)
21. Castles of Scotland – Version 2 (Vienna in Scotland) (Bonus Track)
22. Castles of Scotland – Final Version with Bagpipe Drones (Bonus Track)
23. Main Titles/ 221B Baker Street – Orginal Version (Bonus Track)

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