The Postman Always Rings Twice - Expanded Score - Michael Small

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World premiere release of Michael Small soundtrack for Bob Rafelson filming of noir masterpiece by writer James M. Cain, filmed earlier by Tay Garnett in 1946. 1981 update features Jack Nicholson, Jessica Lange as two lovers on path to murder, betrayal. Michael Small scores for full orchestra, emphasizes smoky film noir elements with dark motifs that slide in, then out, creating tension, finally exploding in violence. In balance is rich, thickly-scored love theme that surges with passion yet plays in minor, keeping pace with sobering mood of complex story. Intrada presents complete score from original 1/2" 3-channel stereo masters, includes score in picture sequence plus several extras recorded by composer at sessions with modest changes for never-materialized album. Released courtesy of Warner Bros., lovingly produced by Lukas Kendall, Neil S. Bulk. Michael Small conducts
Track Listing
The Album
01. Main Title 2:50
02. Frank In Room 1:12
03. Kitchen Love 3:21
04. Going To Chicago 2:21
05. Got To Have You, Frank 1:36
06. Fuse Box 4:41
07. Please Don't Leave Me 2:22
08. Murder And Push Car 3:35
09. Doing It In The Dirt 2:14
10. We Do It 2:18
11. They Leave Courthouse 3:41
12. Thinking Of Cora 1:46
13. You Know What I Learned 1:20
14. Suspense On Stairs 1:08
15. They Marry 2:20
16. Last Drive 2:05
17. Elegy For Cora 1:16
18. End Credits 2:15
Total Album Time 43:14
The Extras
19. Kitchen Love (Alternate) 3:21
20. Got To Have You, Frank (Long Version) 1:50
21. Beat Each Other Up (Alternate) 1:40
22. Cora Spits (Alternate) 0:40
23. Thinking Of Cora (Album Version) 1:48
24. They Marry (Album Version) 1:28
25. Last Drive (Album Version) 2:19
26. La Donna E Mobile (Verdi, Arranged M. Small)1:07
27. La Ci Darem La Mano (Mozart, Arranged Michael Small)