The Pit & The Pendulum - Expanded Score - Limited Edition - Richard Band

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We are proud to announce the expanded soundtrack of one of Full Moon's first films, The Pit & The Pendulum. The score is by Richard Band, one of the most prolific composers of genre films in the 80s & 90s. For our deluxe CD, we have remastered the music from the original 4-track tapes which were overseen by Band. Our CD will feature music from the original CD plus bonus tracks that were not on it.
Track Listing
1. The Crypt
2. The Whipping
3. Main Title
4. Maria & Antonio
5. The Chase
6. Auto Da Fa
7.Torquemada Meets Maria
8. Antonio's Disbelief
9. Maria Is Searched
10. Torquemada's Flogging
11. Under the Cart
12. Antonio Searches Dungeon
13. The Meadow
14. Torquemada Takes Maria
15. Maria Is Shown Chamber
16. Antonio Breaks Loose
17. The Pope's Envoy
18. The Rape of Maria
19. Torquemada Cuts Out Maria's Tongue
20. Esmeralda Comforts Maria
21. Maria Is Buried in the Crypt
22. Esmeralda's Auto Da Fe
23. 8m1-8m2 Esmeralda's Curse
24. Mendoza sees Torquemada By Maria's Crypt
25. The Pit and the Pendulum
26. Maria Rises From The Crypt
27. Finale & End Title