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The Perfect Storm - Original Score - James Horner

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James Horner composes and conducts the music for Wolfgang Petersen's The Perfect Storm, another film about a star-crossed ship. Horner's sweeping, portentous score mirrors the true story of the crew of the Andrea Gail, a fishing boat caught in a deadly Northeaster in 1991. Despite somewhat overblown tendencies on some pieces, the album is a dramatic and emotional piece of film music for an equally gripping movie. Indeed, the score for The Perfect Storm may prove to be as popular as Horner's Titanic music. The album also includes John Mellencamp's theme for the film, "Yours Forever."

Track Listing

1 Coming Home From The Sea (Instrumental) 9:25
2 The Fog's Just Lifting... (Instrumental) 4:11
3      Let's Go Boys (Instrumental)  8:54
4 To The Flemish Cap (Instrumental) 7:17
5 The Decision To Turn Around (Instrumental) 9:20  
6 Small Victories (Instrumental) 8:31
7 Coast Guard Rescue (Instrumental) 9:47
8 Rogue Wave (Instrumental) 10:03
9 There's No Goodbye...Only Love (Instrumental) 7:33
10 Yours Forever (Voice)