The Omega Man - Complete Score - Ron Grainer

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Because you demanded it.
Because itÕs a great score.
Because itÕs hard to keep the last man on Earth down.
This historic reissue of The Omega Man (FSMCD Vol. 3, No. 2) features a newly reconstructed master and is (at significant cost to us) an unlimited edition for the collectors√ëwe could not stand by and watch clowns selling CD-Rs on eBay of our out-of-print disc and do nothing to stop it! The new CD does not feature liner notes√ëonly a six-panel fold-out booklet.
Track Listing
A Summer Place (Max Steiner) 1:39
The Omega Man/Where Have All the People Gone 3:22
Surprise Party/After the Ball 1:39
Needling Neville/The Family Wait 3:36
Swinging at NevilleÕs 2:16
Another NightÑAnother Day/The Spirits Still Linger 4:29
Shopping Made Easy/Where Did Lisa Go? 3:37
ÕRound Midnight (Cootie Williams & Thelonious Monk) 2:18
Jumped by the Family/The Trial 2:16
On the Tumbril/The Getaway 6:05
Bad Medicine for Richie/Richie on the Turn 2:19
All Through the Night (Cole Porter) 3:50
Zachary Makes His Move 4:50
Making Lisa/Cobwebs and Vials/Hope Springs Eternal/Gravestones and Surprises/Lisa Shopping 4:03
Richie on the Roof 2:02
The Future Is Secured/Neville and Dutch/Richie Is Caught/Lisa Joins the Family/Star Chamber/Neville Finds Richie/Neville Crashes Through/Music Box 7:11
The Trap/Nemesis for Neville/Matthias the Victor 5:08
Dutch Takes Over 3:11
Total Time: 64:28