The Mummy – 2 x CD Expanded Score – Special Edition – Jerry Goldsmith


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The spectacular Jerry Goldsmith score from the hit 1999 movie. The Mummy. Once again. the late maestro manages to what he did best. write such astounding music that we will always remember it. The original release contained just a portion of what the entire score manages to achieve. Pure Goldsmith. he was truly a genuis. this unofficial spanish 2CD special edition comprises the entire score including alternates & outtakes.
Track Listing
Disc 1
Imhotep (music) Ð 4:17
The Sarcophagus Ð 2:13
Tuareg Attack Ð 2:21
Pursuit Ð 1:23
The Desert Will Kill Him Ð 1:02
The Librarian Ð 0:46
The Puzzle Box Ð 0:38
The Execution Ð 0:57
Giza Port Ð 2:03
Night Boarders Ð 4:10
The Caravan Ð 2:54
Camel Race Ð 3:23
There Was Light Ð 1:36
Blue Gold Ð 0:51
Salt Acid Ð 0:26
The Crypt Ð 2:25
Broken Bottle Ð 0:11
Mumia Attack Ð 2:16
Rick And Evelyn Discoveries Ð 5:31
Plague Of Locusts Ð 4:55
The Bringer Of Death Ð 1:09
Language Of The Slaves Ð 1:22
Finishing The Job Ð 1:14
Serious Trouble Ð 0:57
The Eclipse Ð 0:30
Hunting The Egyptologist Ð 0:25
Plague Of Flies Ð 0:54
Bourbon Chaser Ð 0:19
Through The Keyhole Ð 1:23
My Favourite Plague Ð 4:01
Crowd Control Ð 3:10
Total Time: 59:42

Disc 2
The Sand Wall Ð 2:24
Quicksand Ð 2:12
Rebirth Ð 8:35
The Mummy Ð 6:15
Escaping Hamunaptra Ð 1:12
The Sand Volcano Ð 0:50
Finale & End Credits Ð 0:52
Universal Logo Ð 0:24
Boat Piano 1 Ð 1:57
Boat Piano 2 Ð 1:57
Camels Source Ð 0:42
Fort Brydon Source Ð 1:15
Winston Source Ð 0:50
Discoveries (album version) Ð 3:43
My Favorite Plague (film edit) Ð 3:56
Rebirth Cue 1 (film edit) Ð 3:27
Rebirth Cue 2 (film edit) Ð 3:26
Rebirth Cue 3 (film edit) Ð 1:42
The Sand Volcano (album version) Ð 5:39

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