The Missouri Breaks - 2CD Complete Score - John Williams

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There was an LP release at the time of the film √ê that was a re-recording, and Williams, as he did frequently, arranged the music differently than the film, to work as a cohesive thirty-six minute album. That LP release was issued on CD, first by Ryko, who added three bonus tracks from the original film cues √ê the first time those had been heard outside the film (although, interestingly, those three cues contained no music that wasn√ït in the re-recording) √ê and then by Varese Sarabande, which was a virtual clone of the Ryko CD. 
For this CD release, we are really pleased to present all of the original film tracks for the very first time √ê their world premiere release √ê from the original superb-sounding session masters.  It√ïs leaner and meaner than the re-recording, and a completely different listening experience. A handful of cues went unused in the film itself, but we√ïve included everything for this release.  We also are including the original LP presentation but we√ïve gone back to the original album masters so we could be at the original source for the best possible sound. So, here, at long last, is the complete original soundtrack cues for The Missouri Breaks. They√ïve been a long time coming, but we hope you√ïll find they√ïve been worth the wait.
Track Listing
The Missouri Breaks (Main Title)
LoganÕs Entrance
Logan and Calvin Talk (Unused)
The Train Robbery
After the Trial/The Hanging Foreman/Riding the Horse
Boys Will Play
Clayton at the Wake (Unused)
Crossing the River
ClaytonÕs Binoculars
Logan and Jane
The Cabbage Patch
The Mounties Attack/Lee Chases Tod
The Drowning of Tod
News of Tod
The Rustling Sequence
Si and Cary
End Titles

Bonus tracks
Unused Cue 1-3
Organ Cue 4-2
Banjo and Harmonica Cue 11-3
Fiddle Cue 11-3A
Harmonica Cue 13-2


The Missouri Breaks (Main Title)
Arrival of the Rustlers
Love Theme from The Missouri Breaks
The Train Robbery
Bizarre Wake
Love Theme (Reprise)
Crossing the Missouri
The Chase
The Horse Rustlers
Love Theme (End Title)