The Miracle - 2CD Complete Score - (SOLD OUT) - Elmer Bernstein

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Years in the making! Elmer Bernstein fans place such high esteem on epic 1959 score that composer starts club in 1974, makes highlights from The Miracle the first of his own music to re-record. 26 minutes make it to second LP on his private label, but incredible wealth of powerhouse music including massive choral segments, battle music, entire Spanish elements of score remain unrecorded... until now! Over 90 minutes of actual soundtrack music spread over 2 CDs! Large-scale picture from Warner Bros. directed by Irving Rapper, starring Carroll Baker, Roger Moore is set during vibrant era of Napoleonic Wars in 1812. Religious story sees young postulant leaving convent to pursue love, adventure. As Teresa embarks on worldly adventures, statue of Virgin Mary assumes her place until she returns. Tale of faith, love, war and tragedy all inspire Bernstein to create lengthy, ambitious score in vein of legendary Ten Commandments score for Cecil B. DeMille. Massive chords launch work from outset, spotlighting great power of Church, faith. Bernstein creates sweeping primary love theme for initial romance with British Captain during first part of movie, then writes dynamic Spanish-flavor music for her life amongst gypsies, new romance with bullfighter. This portion of score transforms theme into earthier shadings, brings in flamenco colors. Also highlighting both parts of film score are two massive cues underscoring the miracle itself (CD 1, track 8), battle of Waterloo (CD 2, track 12). Miracle sequence presents Bernstein at his most powerful, with magnificent series of fortissimo major chords for large orchestra, chorus playing in epic manner. Bernstein also arranges, adapts several period pieces to augment tale, all of which appear as "extras" on CD 2. Both versions of penultimate cue ("Gratitude") also appear. Entire presentation, including both orchestra and all choral overlays, comes from pristine mono elements housed at Warner Bros. Informative notes by Frank DeWald, old-fashioned "spectacular-style" artwork rounds out magnificent package. Elmer Bernstein conducts. 
Track Listing
CD 1
1. Main Title 2:19
2. At First Sight 2:34
3. Aftermath 1:29
4. Infirmary 3:02
5. Un Momento 2:46
6. Convalescence 1:52
7. Stolen Fruit 1:35
8. Departure/Decision/Flight/French Attack 12:09
9. Musical Watch/Death News 1:12
10. Christian Gypsy/Proposal 2:41
11. A Woman for Carlitos/Michael_ÌÔ̩s Return 0:48
12. Betrayal/Guido Dead 4:41
CD 1 Total Time: 37:32
CD 2
1. Madrid 2:18
2. With Your Permission/The Painting 1:02
3. Casimir Exits 0:59
4. Teresa and Cordoba 1:53
5. Hail the Matador/The Bull 0:52
6. Cordoba_ÌÔ̩s Death 1:58
7. La Morena Gitana 0:58
8. Reunion 3:14
9. Toast to Victory/Waltz 3:30
10. Forgotten Vows 3:19
11. Bugles/Action 1:12
12. Waterloo/Teresa Departs/The Journey/Arrival at Convent/Madonna Returns 11:35
13. Gratitude 0:55
14. Ave Verum Corpus(Mozart, arr. Bernstein)/End Title 2:47

The Extras
15. French Attack (alternate) 3:11
16. A Woman for Carlitos/Michael_ÌÔ̩s Return (film version, no vocal) 0:48
17. Gratitude (alternate) 0:57
18. Oh Maria, Madre Mia (Traditional, arr. Bernstein) 3:05
19. Salve Virgen Pura (Unknown, arr. Bernstein) 2:28
20. British Grenadiers (Unknown, arr. Bernstein) 0:57
21. Auld Lang Syne (Traditional, arr. Bernstein) 1:09
22. La Boca de Pepita (Unknown, arr. Bernstein) 2:03
23. Cancion de Maja (Unknown, arr. Bernstein) 2:09
24. Muineira (Unknown, arr. Bernstein) 0:49
25. Adoramus Te (Palestrina, arr. Bernstein) 2:07
CD 2 Total Time: 57:17