The Masque Of the Red Death - Complete Score - Limited 1000 Copies - David Lee

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Lee, a renowned jazz musician and songwriter for LondonÕs West End, had already written music for a few British films, but ÒThe Masque of the Red DeathÓ was his most ambitious assignment. He wrote 50 minutes of score in less than three weeks, recording with a symphony orchestra at Pinewood Studios in London. The result was one of the most fascinatingly gothic and original scores ever composed for a horror film. It includes a lovely, lengthy waltz, perfectly synchronized with the film, in the crucial masquerade scene. The package includes a lavish 28-page full color booklet, with liner notes by the always-amazing Daniel Schweiger Ð including an exclusive interview with Roger Corman and David Lee.
Track Listing
01. Prelude / Tthe Old Woman and the Red Death (1:49)
02. Prince Prospero (2:30)
03. Red Death / The Fire (2:26)
04. Francesca (1:09)
05. Prospero¬´s Court (3:44)
06. Affront to Alfredo (0:43)
07. The Forbidden Room (0:49)
08. Night Castle (0:40)
09. The Falcon Training / Scarlatti / Francesca and Gino (2:33)
10. The Satan Mark / The Prison (5:44)
11. The Black Wood (0:46)
12. The Ape and The Dwarf (0:35)
13. Witchcraft (3:03)
14. Juliana¬´s Death (0:53)
15. Gino and the Red Death (1:19)
16. The Masque Ball (2:33)
17. Prospero and the Red Death (6:45)
18. Epilogue and End Titles (3:07)
Total Disc Time: 41:21