The Legend Of The Wolf Woman - Complete Score - Lallo Gori

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Directed by the notorious Rino Di Silvestro, La lupa mannara (1976) may be the most popular film of the directorÕs career. Starring Annik Borel as the titular werewolf woman, the bizarre erotic horror tells the story of Daniela whose childhood trauma materializes itself in the occasional appearance of a crude predator who kills men. Werewolf Woman was later immortalized by Quentin Tarantino, who the film to appear at the First Quentin Tarantino Film Fest where it became a fan favorite.

Coriolano ÒLalloÓ Gori fashions a wicked and wild underscore for werewolf woman, writing a reckless romp thatÕs so typical of the Italian composer. Featuring wild percussion, creative keyboard performances and a beautiful lullabye for the innocent side of DanielaÕs character, Gori provides beautiful set pieces for the dreamlike erotic sequences throghout the film. If youÕve liked our previous release of GoriÕs La morte scende leggera (1972), this score wonÕt disappoint either.

This is a premiere presentation of the score, which hasnÕt been released in any form until now. Mastered by Claudio Fuiano, the richly illustrated 8-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai who discusses this rarely seen film and shares his insights about the music.
Track Listing
01. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.1) (2:48)
02. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.2) (1:35)
03. La Lupa Mannara (Seq. 3) (1:05)
04. La Lupa Mannara (Seq. 4) (3:50)
05. La Lupa Mannara (Seq. 5) (5:21)
06. La Lupa Mannara (Seq. 6) (2:11)
07. La Lupa Mannara (Seq. 7) (1:13)
08. La Lupa Mannara (Seq. 8) (4:35)
09. La Lupa Mannara (Seq. 9) (3:40)
10. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.10) (3:50)
11. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.11) (2:20)
12. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.12) (0:59)
13. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.13) (1:57)
14. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.14) (2:09)
15. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.15) (2:00)
16. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.16) (2:27)
17. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.17) (3:06)
18. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.18) (3:29)
19. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.19) (2:19)
20. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.20) (1:38)
21. La Lupa Mannara (Seq.21) (2:40)
Total Disc Time: 56:09