The Last Valley - Original Score - Limited 1000 Copies - John Barry

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John Barry soundtrack for James Clavell epic set in 1637 Germany during Thirty Years' War, starring Omar Sharif, Michael Caine. John Barry anchors with not one but two distinct ideas: First heard is propulsive, dynamic theme for brass, large chorus. Second is rich, sweeping valley theme for strings, woodwinds. Adding further contrast are dark ideas for plague sequences, rhythmic action cues for battle scenes. CD offers masterful original 1970 Dunhill LP presentation from original master tapes stored in UMG vaults. Fully remastered & restored, this is one of John Barry's finest achievements.
Track Listing
1 Main Title Theme
2 The Last Valley
3 The Shrine
4 An Evening Song
5 The Plague Pit
6 The Village Attack
7 A Children's Song
8 Attack At Rheinfelden
9 Main Theme (Part II)
10 The Last Valley
11 The Christmas Song
12 Witch Burning
13 An Offertory
14 Vogel Leaves The Valley
15 Death Of The CaptainÑEnd Title